What I can do for You.

I am a professional software engineer with a strong background in algorithm development and research.
With more than 15 years of experience I stand on Your side during the whole software development process.

  • Software engineering

    With strong communication skills I am able to deeply analyze customer requirements and create a mature software design. I provide implementations of Your requirements. I fluently "speek" C/C++, Java, C#, Matlab and worked with a variety of tools and libraries. I like test-driven development and agile project management.

  • Specialities

    During the last years I've been working in the field of computational geometry and metrology including acquisition, processing, analysis and visualization of geometric data ranging from point clouds to 2D/3D CAD models. I worked with libraries like, VTK, PCL, OpenCV, OpenCascade, CGAL and LEDA.

  • Mobile Apps

    You have great idea to rock the app market. Great. I develop apps for the three major platforms out there: Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

  • Web customization

    I offer creating or modifying web-sites by customization of web templates to the customers needs. Let me point out: I am not a web designer. I can assist in the tedious process of incorporating templates into content management systems like, e.g. Typo3 or Wordpress.



+49 (0)1520 7838611